Stelle Laser only focus on 4 types machines. We are 100% real manufacturer for all we sell!

Stelle Laser is professional manufacturer for diode laser, Elight IPL SHR OPT, nd yag laser, RF and multifunctional beauty machines combining above 4 types handles.

We don’t do a lot types, we only focus on above 4 types and for each type we do it to best!

As you may noticed, our production list is over 100 different models, but all our models are focus on above 4 types!

While in the market most other companies do a lot of types, from diode laser to hifu, from EMSulpt to dermabrasion, from small bubble to cavitation….BUT, most of the machines they are selling is actually not manufacturered by themself, which makes them not professional in anything!


We are famous as manufacturer for Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Among our production range, we are especially famous in diode laser hair removal machines.

For diode laser hair removal machines, we can do from portable to vertical, from 300W to 2000W, from 808nm to triple wavelengths.

We have many different shell designs for diode laser hair removal machine, and even just for the handle we offer 3 generation for options.

12 shell designs for diode laser

12 shell options for diode laser

different handles for diode laser

Different handle options for diode laser

In China’s beauty machine market, no one else can have so many designs with so unique handles like us.

Take our 3rd generation intelligent diode laser machine for example. It is very hot selling model now, with an extra LED screen in the handle and 3 replacement treatment tips.

  • In the market, who can do 1200W diode laser, their handle do not have screen.
  • Who can do 1200W machine with screen in handle, only with a small screen that can only display a simply logo or shots (meaningless screen).
  • The one who can do with big screen like us, do not have 3 changeable tips (only have 1 fixed spot size)
  • The one who can do changeable tips do not have good cooling (It is determined by the connection way of the tips) and can not do intelligent recognition.

So all in all, we can proudly say: the technique that other do NOT have, we HAVE; the technique that other HAVE, we have it BETTER!

Schneider Laser Hair Removal Machine



We have a lot such unique machines.

If you are interested in buying the most high-tech or the multifunctional machine, then we assure you we will be your best partner!


Unique in diode laser related multifunctional beauty machines.

Stelle Laser has never stop being innovation these years. Our diode laser related multifunctional beauty machines quickly seizing the market.

diode laser multifunctional machines

Such as 2 in 1 beauty machine diode laser + IPL SHR OPT,  and 2 in 1 diode laser + nd yag laser machine, 3 in 1 beauty machine diode laser + nd yag + IPL SHR OPT, 4 in 1 beauty machine of diode laser + nd yag laser + Elight IPL SHR OPT + RF etc..

When it comes to multifunctional laser machines, Stelle Laser is always the first name that come to global client’s mind.

For example, our hot selling DPL4 model which combines 4 handles to 1, with 1 machine it covers over 10 functions, including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, photo rejuvenation, wrinkle removal etc..

4 in 1 Laser diode nd yag rf e-light ipl shr

High Quality & Affordable Beauty Machine Manufacturer !

Over 15 Years Field Experience
Professional R&D Engineers
Exported to 80+ Countries
Over 150 Experienced Workers
Over 50,000 Happy Clients in Worldwide!

Stelle Laser is an innovate aesthetic & beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machine, IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles.

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